I am adult, hear me roar

It sometimes feels like the more exhausted I am, the more I can get done. It’s that a thing? ┬áIt’s like I’m too tired to even try and talk myself out of doing the day to day stuff that is my life; like I’m so exhausted that I just keep going and going with one more thing before I collapse in a heap, that once I’ve finished X, Y, Z, I start right back at A, B, C. Because that’s what adulting is all about, right?

Washing? Done. Oh look! More washing!

Paperwork? Filed! Let me just flick through these papers I found on the fridge. More filing!

Bills? Paid! Let me just check the letterboxohmygoodnessyou’rekiddingmeratesagain?????

It never stops does it? And that’s okay. That’s life. 80% of the time I can totally handle it. Like tonight. This weekend has been huge. As mentioned we had a pretty big crowd over on Friday night and at 7:30am Saturday morning, our friend the carpenter turned up to start work on the ensuite frame. Not that we knew – after not getting to bed until after midnight we had put cartoons on for the kids at 7 and promptly gone back to sleep! Until 8:30! Turns out Chance let him in (he knows he very well) Ha ha. Lucky he knows how to make himself at home!

I took the kids out for the morning and lunch while the boys worked away and then there were post-work beers from 2 til 4.30pm. I hadn’t even started cleaning up from the night before, and now there was sawdust all over the kitchen and floor as well as the dozens of glasses on the deck table and dirty dishes overflowing in the sink.

Somehow we had another late night last night (watched the new Tarzan movie. Ummm I kind of LOVED IT but didn’t want to go on about it to Hubs!! Ha!) And then we spent the morning and lunch and early arvo at Yeppoon with friends. Another huge day and I still had the groceries to buy/get home/put away.

Needless to say (then why say it!??) by 7:10pm I was thrilled that the kids were in bed but the tasks ahead of me were daunting.

Clean the kitchen (I was still catching up from yesterday!), make school lunch, bring in washing (look! More washing!) And blog.

“Just one hour, Wifey. That’s all it will take.” And I was pretty spot on too. I was walking down the stairs at 8pm to get the washing off the line.

And although I’m exhausted, getting back to my original point, I’m still thinking I could get a few more things done before I crash on the couch with a tub of Pineapple Chobani yoghurt (on special again this week!) and a bit of Parks and Recreation.

I think I’ve earned it, don’t you?

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