Slightly uncomfortable

I really must delve into the archives for some photos of me at 33 weeks pregnant with the other kids. Bending over is getting tricky, so I do it sparingly. I’m often asking the kids to grab stuff for me since they are so much lower to the ground. It does mean that the place is a little more untidy than usual and that is saying something. I find that once I’m bent over, picking something up, I do think to myself “well while I’m down here, is there anything else I can collect?”

Of course, there always is.

My lungs are running out of breathing room, so even though I’m keen to keep lifting my heavier weights at the gym, my breath just can’t keep up, and according to our trainer, I’m supposed to be able to carry on a conversation while working out. If I’m too puffed for that then I’m pushing too hard. I definitely pushed too hard on Monday which saw me completely exhausted and utterly useless for the rest of the day.

Lesson learnt. I now know my new, albeit temporary limits.

Getting up off the couch is not something I look forward to, nor is getting up out of the kids seats I sometimes sit in to play with the kids.

It’s hard to believe that in just 7 weeks (probably 8, let’s face it) I’ll be holding a little bubba in my arms and saying goodbye to sleep for a few months. And all this discomfort will be worth it. (And be replaced by other discomfort but again, only temporarily.)

I seriously can’t wait I’m so excited ❤

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