Them’s fightin words

Have you ever just been in the mood for a fight? Been so pissed off by something that you are just ready to give the offending person a serve about it? Look I’m not going to lie. I’m a little frazzled, generally, at the moment, and certainly not as tolerant of people’s bullshit as I usually am. And I’m a pretty placid person generally, and if it actually came down to it, I could never throw a punch. (Ha ha. This is getting serious!) And even if I want to have a verbal altercation with someone, I’m not particularly articulate when I’m fired up, so my argument usually ends up less than well constructed and more teary and gibberish.

Today though, I was so ready to give someone a piece of my mind. I went to the servo to put diesel in the cruiser, and there were only 2 pumps of diesel, both being used. I pulled into the one that I needed, and watched the person, who was facing the wrong way, so looking straight at me (this is an important piece of info) finish up. He went inside to pay at the same time as the other diesel-user. The other guy came out first (the one that would be on the wrong side of my car) and drove off, and I sat and waited. And waited. And waited.

There was no one else at the servo so there would have been no wait to pay. After another 5 or so minutes I was fuming and ended up reversing around to the other bowser. I filled up the car (over 100L) and the guy STILL hadn’t come out. I got Darby out of the car and went inside to pay. By this time I had rehearsed my speech about being inconsiderate and so on and was ready to unleash.

I spotted the guy. Sitting down in the cafe bit. Eating hot chips and and Ice Break.

Holy crap was I mad. Why the hell couldn’t he have moved his truck before getting his cholesterol-filled lunch????? But I was so mad that I couldn’t string a sentence together. I went up to pay (I wasn’t about to go over and confront him) and instead took it out on the poor person who served me. “Inconsiderate! Unbelievable!” were just a couple of the words I used.

Who the hellĀ are these people??? Gosh I wanted to give it to him, but I decided just to leave in a huff instead and hope that he got the picture. I’m sure he didn’t. Some people just don’t give a shit.

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