A promise

Look I know today is the 10th. I have my list of 10 things I want to share with you but I have had no time today to pad that list out and make it into a blog post. Some days in these holidays I’ve had all the time in the world. Today was not one of those days.

I was going to do it this evening once the kids were in bed and the dishy was on, but instead we decided to have 8 people over for dinner (10 including us) which made for a busy and lovely evening. The dishy is only just on now and I can’t do my list justice so here’s what I’ll do: tomorrow it will be 11 things on the 11th. Deal? Good. Cos I’m knackered and off to bed.

Tomorrow morning my Woollies order will arrive sometime after 6am, the tiler will be here at 7, and the cleaner arrives around 9. Then I’m taking the kids to playgroup (aka fight club) and then mummy yoga at 1.30. Then we will wait with anticipation for Kate and the boys to arrive for the week!

Night night xx

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