Mum arrives tonight

I put the call out to Mum last week to see if she could come up for a few days to help with the kids while I prepare for the baby. I have a huge to do list but am finding it impossible to do things like sort through clothes, prepare the bassinet and washing the car seat covers, as Darby likes to “help” me with things.

It will also give Hubs and I a chance to spend a bit of time together before the fog of having a newborn sets in. Oh and sleep. I’d also like to have a bit more sleep which might help me get all my jobs done.

The ensuite is also getting close-ish to being nearly finished with the tiling and hopefully fittings being put in this week.

It’s hard to believe we’ll be meeting our baby in the next few weeks! So much is going to change and it will be interesting to see how the kids react and adjust. So many baby cuddles to be had and lovely memories to be made.

But first my to do list! See you soon Mum! I think I’m the most excited about your visit!

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