Labour intensive

I’ve never actually gone into what they call spontaneous labour so it’s kind of funny to me that, even after having three kids, I don’t know what going into labour naturally feels like. If this was my first baby I would have thought I was in labour a few times by now, with the crazy aches and pains and other stuff that need not be mentioned on the blog. But as it is, I’m sitting pretty at 39 weeks and the baby isn’t budging. Moving yes. But not in an outward-bound direction.

Which is okay because a) Hubs doesn’t have time off work until towards the end of May; b) I’m still waiting on something for the baby capsule and c) we don’t have a boy’s name agreed on. So yeah, as per usual at 39 weeks pregnant I’m still not prepared.

I used to be organised. Ask anyone. Having kids either makes you more organised or you just lower your standards and do what your need to do to get through the day. I’m living the latter at the moment and we’re doing just fine.

Due one week tomorrow. Assuming I’ll be induced two weeks tomorrow. We shall see!

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