Thank you, God

I’ve been remembering back to when Chance was a baby, and how hard that first year felt. He was not a sleeper and I was up every night with him a number of times, feeding him back to sleep, placing him gently back in his cot, and creeping out without making a sound. I distinctly remember getting back into bed each time and so often thinking “please God don’t let him wake up for the rest of the night.” Or “please God help him sleep through.” Over and over, night after night this went on. For the first year in fact. Begging for more sleep “Please God let me get more sleep.”

This time around things are different. I still get woken up multiple times a night by various children, but as I get back into bed, each time my thoughts are more along the lines of “Thank you, God.”

I have so much to be thankful for every single day and I’m finally acknowledging it. I was trying to keep a daily gratitude journal but the forced writing just annoyed me. I love this way much more. Even though there’s no record of my gratitude, I’m feeling it in my heart more and more. I’m appreciating things more. It has been such a small shift in my way of thinking but it’s making a huge difference.

Thank you God for my beautiful children.

Thank you God for my friend Jess coming up to help me this weekend.

Thank you God for Jess doing my three baskets full of folding.

Thank you God that I’ve been able to feed all of my babies with no trouble.

Thank you God for Hubs who is such a wonderful man and fantastic Dadda.

And the list goes on. I truly have all the treasures I could ever ask for.

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