I swear they’re in it together

Why is it that when one of my kids is being an absolute angel, the other is being a complete pain in the neck? I’m referring to my two older kids here, and it’s like they decide between them who is going to play nice and who is going to try and push me off the edge.

This morning, Chance was the one who was driving me absolutely bananas and Quinn was being a perfect child; she was helping me tidy up for the cleaner and she pretty much did everything on her own. Chance, it seems, had decided that being six is boring, so it was like I had two two-year-olds on my hands, with him and Darby doing their best to be as silly as possible.

I’ve really be trying to let the kids be silly without me getting cranky at them; to just let them be kids. But being a boring old grown-up really gets in the way of this! I let the boys do their thing for as long as I could handle it, and then the nagging to get ready for school kicked up a notch.

My Mum tells me that when my brother and I were young, it seemed the only time we got along was when we were ganging up on her. Sorry about that Mum. I’m getting my own back now though!

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