Back to it

It’s been a weird sort of week around here. Hubs has had the flu and has been home, mostly in bed, and I guess partly because of that, my routine went a bit out the window. I ignored my 6am alarms each morning, I missed fit mum’s on Wednesday because I had a tickle in my throat and I got paranoid I was getting the flu, and I didn’t make lunches in the evenings, instead opting to try and complete the task in the mornings. We were also going to bed later since Hubs wasn’t getting up at 5am for cross fit and I was sleeping later as well.

It wasn’t a great week. And to be honest it was interesting to see how those small things every day can really impact on family life. The kids have been a bit unsettled this week and as lovely as it has been having Hubs’ company each day, it’s also been harder having an extra person to look after.

At least with no work and cross fit there was much less washing!

So it’s back to business tomorrow. Lunch is made, my coffee is ready to go in the morning, and fit mum’s is on the cards. Looking forward to a new start to a new week.

(Darby didn’t want to join in ?)

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