Sometimes “yes” is the only answer

Me: “What would you like for afternoon tea?”

Chance: “ummmmm ice cream?”

Me: “Yes!”

Chance: “seriously??”

Yes. Those three little letters make up one big word. I just got tired of saying no; of not being fun; tired of taking everything so seriously. So this afternoon I said yes to ice cream and yes to watching Captain Underpants”.

Quinn: (squealing) “It’s not even Friday and we get to have ice cream AND a movie!”

I think that’s the whole point of us limiting our kids treat food and screen time. It’s a really big deal that they get excited about and (hopefully) appreciate.

Hubs is working days as well as evenings at the moment to help pay for our new kitchen which has meant pretty much solo parenting for me. The kids have been mostly great but I’ve been mostly cranky. But not today. Today has been an easy, fun day. And right now I’m enjoying the cool breeze on our deck with a sleeping bubba in my arms while the kids watch their movie and Hubs has a much needed sleep before his next shift starts at 5.

Sometimes the most wonderful things can happen when you just say yes.

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