Invitations have been sent

I wasn’t actually going to have a birthday party for Chance’s Rocky friends this year. We will be in Cairns for his birthday weekend so we will have a cake for him up there, and he had a party last year so I didn’t feel the need. Plus with our going away BBQ as well as Jules’ baptism and the fact that we’re moving in a month, I just didn’t think I’d have the energy.

But then this happened.

He hand made 30 invitations, all different types of vehicles, over a few days. This is just a sample. I helped with a bit of the cutting out but he drew everything himself. How could I possibly say no?! It was so lovely seeing him come up with the ideas and then just having that confidence to draw it.

Making sure he included all of his class mates.

So it’s happening. We’ll do the same thing as last year – a cake in the park after school. Nice and simple.

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