Garage sale

Oh boy. It’s already been a big day and it’s  only 3pm. I think I’ve discovered that having a garage sale seems like a good idea but is actually more work than is worth it.

I’ve been up since 4:45am after not getting to sleep until midnight with my cranky bubba. Hubs did an amazing job last night getting downstairs ready for go time but there was still a lot of setting up and pricing to do this morning.

Thanks to the beautiful Kate for flying up here and watching the kids for me!

We had someone parked outside our house from 5.45am waiting for us to “open” (supposed to be at 7am) but once 6.15am came around they were at the gate, asking to come in.

It’s just part of having a garage sale. Unless you have big doors you can lock and ignore people behind, you have to accept that people will come early. So I let them in and people just keep turning up.

I’d say we had 70% of our business done by 7.30. I got rid of a few big things and a few small things but there’s still a lot of stuff. So off it goes to Vinnies!

The biggest surprise seller of the day were the mangos! We had a box of them sitting there and people kept asking how much they were so I was selling the big ones for $1.50 each and the small ones $1 each. Ha!

Anyway everyone seems to be having a nap and I’m going to join them.

The moral of the story? STOP BUYING SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!


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