I’m trying not to stress

But it’s so hard.

I’ve left Hubs to finish everything off up in Rocky and I know he is capable but it’s so shite when you’re on your own.

Our ensuite as it turns out has some issues and is leaking through the floor so the tiles have had to be ripped up and are hopefully in the process of being replaced.

We just had thousands of dollars of electrical work done including a new a/c installed. I just got the bill today. I hope he has a 12 month payment plan because ouch.

I had an abysmal day looking, or should I say not looking at houses. I got cancelled on three times and got the shits and left.

I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself. I know these are all first world problems. I just need a break from thinking about the hundred things to do. I’m slowly making my way through my to do list and I know deep down it will work out. The process is just sucking at the moment. In a big way.

At least I have my gorgeous kids to remind me that life is good. Not to mention wonderful parents and family and the absolute best husband. Seriously. The best. And I miss him like crazy right now.

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