10 things on the 10th

10 of my favourite things (in no particular order. Except maybe # 1 & 2…)

1. Red wine – Cab Sav or a bold Barossa Shiraz if you don’t mind.

2. Dark chocolate – 70-80%

3. A good book, and having the time to read it – I’m trying to start a new book at the moment and it’s not really happening for me. Hmph.

4. A sleep in – I don’t do afternoon naps, I do sleep-ins. Getting out of bed once a day is enough for me.

5. A well made coffee – Pair this with a nice view and 20 minutes of peace (bahahahaha) to enjoy both, and I’m a happy woman.

6. A good weights work out. I miss my fit mums but have found somewhere to sweat it out down here.

7. Silence.

8. Fast Internet – this was always a high priority whenever we moved house, and I got very used to it!

9. Looking at photos – I (generally) love how Google photos sends me a “this day 1 or 2 or 4 years ago” album a couple of times a week. Obviously some of those photos are hard to look at but they are treasured memories.

10. Blogging. 10 years in July and I’m still here. Loving it, and this year it has been such an important outlet for me.

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