Life is a rollercoaster….

….just gotta ride it.

Yeah, I don’t really like that song either, but it just sums up my feelings at the moment, so I’m going with it.

I really don’t think my hormones have been crazy since I got pregnant. Hubs may disagree entirely, but I think I’ve been fairly balanced. Well, I was. I seem to be unhinging slowly. Like on Friday night I was reading The Chronicle on the train on the way to Melbourne, and was checking out the death notices to get ideas for names. (What? It was Hubs’ aunty’s idea!!) And then I started reading the tributes attached to those names and started crying a little bit. And they didn’t even have any comics to cheer me up again!

And then there was this morning. On my way to work I somehow got the song “Butterfly Kisses” in my head. I know most of the song, and I lost it when I got to the following verse. And the worst thing was, my brain wouldn’t stop singing it!! I was actually crying (mascara-smudging-crying) as I walked across the pedestrian railway bridge tears of joy and sentimentality:

“She’ll change her name today.
She’ll make a promise and I’ll give her away.
Standing in the brideroom, just staring at her.
She asks me what I’m thinking
And I say I’m not sure.
I just feel like I’m losing my baaaaby girl.
And she leans over.
And gives me butterfly kisses, with her mama there
Putting little white flowers all up in her hair.
Walk me down the aisle Daddy, it’s just about time.
Does my wedding gown look pretty Daddy?
Daddy don’t cry
Oh with all that I’ve done wrong, I must have done something riiiiiiight…..”

And I’m off again. Excuse me a moment…..

Hangin’ out in Wang

Wow what a week it has been! Hubs has been living it up in Shepparton for the week (well, he’s been attending lectures and social nights at least) and Mum and I have been spending it up in Wang! After my blog post on Monday, Mum and I headed in to town and as I was talking to a guy at Optus about broadband (bring it on baby!) I also asked him if he knew of any second-hand furniture places around the place. He recommended a place within walking distance so after a (delicious) pie and coffee for lunch, we set off down the road.

And hit the jackpot.

This place had everything!!! We bought a fridge, 4 chairs, a bed frame, a rocking chair (bliss!!) and the coolest fold-down sewing table imaginable. They had free delivery and gave us a tip for a place around the corner where we could be cheap new mattresses, so we popped in there on the way home and made a purchase there as well. It was about 4:15pm by the time we got home, and by 5pm, everything had been delivered! How amazing is that! Wait til you see the photos of the stuff we bought. We just had the best luck! And the best thing is, it’s all second-hand so there was no budget-blowing!

So the last few days have been spent lunching and getting bits and pieces for the rest of the house, and yesterday we had a big cooking day. I’ve been putting the slow-cooker to good use and we’ve already made apricot chicken (a family favourite) and pea and ham soup (so goooooood.) I made some more roosoles to freeze yesterday, as well as some pumpkin and dark chocolate cookies.

It’s been absolutely amazing having Mum around this week and it will be hard to say goodbye to her tomorrow. But before I do that, we’re going to hit some garage sales and look for some dresser drawers, while Hubs spends the day at the snow with a friend who’s coming down. Still so much to do!!

Baby update: Lots of kicks since last Thursday – basically all day, every day. A lovely feeling indeed.

No time to spell-check! 4 minutes remaining on my library internet session!!! You’ll have to proof-read and correct yourself…. 🙂


I love The Princess Bride. And I LOVE how Vizzini says “inconceivable” all the time. And then Inigo Montoya says “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” My friend recently bought a copy of the DVD because it came with a key ring that says “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my Father. Prepare to DIE.” when you press a button. (More memorable quotes can be found here.)

Believe it or not, this post is not about my love for The Princess Bride, though I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. This post is about moving to Wangaratta. Tomorrow. I mean, we’ve known for 8 months (just think about that for a moment – 8 MONTHS!) that this move was coming. In no way should we have been caught unaware. But here we are, with 24 hours to go, our place filled with packed and to-be-packed boxes, our wardrobe has thrown up all over our room, and we pretty much know the kombi needs a push-start each time we want to start the engine. Fun, oui? Well at least we have a home to go to (yay!) and we have a plan. You gotta have a plan my friends.

Exactly 2 years to the day, we moved to college. And exactly 2 years and 1 day after we moved in, we’ll be leaving. I’ve been looking forward to a bit of a change, but leaving here is filling me with sadness. We have met the most incredible people, been shown the most gracious hospitality, and had some of the best times.

But now it’s time for new adventures to begin; for new friends to be made, and for more good times to be had. I know that it was God’s plan for us to be here at Newman for this time, and I thank him for his great idea often. As I sit writing this, Littlefoot is kicking away (the coolest thing I’ve ever felt in my LIFE) and I know he/she is looking forward to what is to come.

Cracking the funnies

Setting the scene: Hubs and Wifey are at their first antenatal appointment at the hospital, answering endless questions from the midwife about conception, family histories, health etc etc. Hubs and Wifey are trying to act like mature, future parents. Well, Wifey is at least…

Midwife: “Did you need any help getting pregnant?”
Wifey: “No I didn’t.”
Hubs: “I helped!”

Wifey and Midwife look at each other, and are left unable to speak for some time…

Showered with love

Last weekend was a big one and on the Sunday, a couple of my friends had asked if I wanted to catch up for coffee. It was in my diary, but by about 1:30pm I was so tired and had put my neck out, so I had a little lie down on the couch with Hubs. *sigh*. It was lovely. The thought crossed my mind to cancel coffee, but then I thought better of it – we’re leaving Melbourne soon and I really wanted to make the most of my time here with my friends. So my friend swung by and picked me up around 2:30pm. We were meeting our other friend at her place (for whatever reason) and when we got there, she opened the door and…..

SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!! My friends were hosting a surprise baby shower for me!! Needless to say, I cried. It was so thoughtful and touching and it really blew me away. They had been planning it for a few weeks and Hubs was in on it too! We had a lovely afternoon eating cupcakes….. (how gorgeous is the plate!!??)

…and other delicious food…

…playing fun games like “guess the ingredients in the baby food”…
…and opening presents!!
So you can imagine how glad I was that I didn’t try and cancel!! Although, Hubs would have changed my mind. I really had no clue whatsoever and I love surprises so much! I’ve been missing my gal pals back home lately, and it really was so special to be reminded that I’ve met some wonderful, thoughtful, caring, beautiful women down here who have welcomed me into their lives. Thanks ladies – you really made this time in our lives even more special  x x x


So yeah, I’ve been pregnant for 15 weeks and have had to keep it to myself for the majority of that time. And let me tell you, it’s been tricky. When it comes to other people’s secrets, I’m a vault. With extra security. But when it comes to my own secrets, I can rarely keep my trap shut. But this time round, that’s exactly what I did. It was hard not being able to share everything with everyone, as I’m usually a big sharer. But the flood gates are open now! Woo hoo!

Don’t worry (Nate) I won’t be dedicating every blog post from now on to the growing human life inside of me. Just a few. Like this one.

Right now I’m hungry. In fact, I can’t actually remember a time in the last 15 weeks that I haven’t been hungry. I pretty much knew straight away, even before I peed on a stick, (tmi??) that I was pregnant. I just felt different. I could feel things going on that I’d never felt before. And it was really cool. It still is! Except that I’m hungry. Did I mention that already? “They” (who are “they” anyway??) reckon you only need an extra 300 calories, or 2 pieces of fruit, per day, to keep up with your body’s needs. I think “they” are wrong. I have been eating SO much more than that, but have been trying to keep all my “extra food” on the healthy side – fruit, yoghurt, rice crackers and nuts mostly. Apparently the whole “eating for 2” idea has been tossed out the window. Dammit.

So I have to wait another 16 minutes til lunch and it seems like the longest wait in the world. (I know – my life is hard…) The first couple of months I just felt constantly nauseous and eating helped with that, but now I feel like my body is needing extra fuel, so I’m going to give it what it needs.

Aaaaaaaah. I feel much better for sharing all this. Gosh this is going to be a big year for us! And I’m loving every minute!



Bub is due in November
Wifey is over the moon and not feeling as nauseous, but is still ravenously hungry ALL THE TIME
Hubs is wrapped and looks forward to the many sleepless nights to come. Hee hee!
What a fun year this is going to be. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!