Flashback Friday – Julius is ONE!

That’s right folks. Today I’m taking you back to the delivery room! Lucky you!

I don’t think I’ve shared the kids birth stories on this blog (g-rated obviously) but there is one thing I remember about Julius’ birth that I want to share. You see, the canulas they use in maternity are HUGE needles. In Mount Isa, Frith was introduced to the practice of using a tiny bit of local anaesthetic for any canulas he put in. Many nurses/midwives/doctors would say “why would you give them two needles when you can just give them one?” The thing is, for my last two births, they missed my veins and had to try for a second time anyway. Two needles. Two HUGE needles.

For J’s birth, a midwife put the canula in, and after an hour or so my hand started throbbing. When we looked down, we saw it had tissued and was swelling up. Frith just took charge, asked for a canulation kit and some local anaesthetic, and got to work on my other hand.

I remember a wave of love for him rushed over me in that moment. He had my back. He protected me, and he got the job done with no pain. I felt fearless after that, knowing he was by my side for another birth. It also filled me with pride to be married to such an amazing doctor.

That evening, just before 6pm, we welcomed our little bundle of deliciousness into the family.

This year has been near impossible, but the joy he has brought to our lives has no limits. He is our little treasure and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for us all. We love you Julius xxx

Flashback Friday

June 2015, this was us. Frith trying to play video games with Chance (4) playing Lego on his lap, Quinn (2) stealing my bikkie, and 6 month old Darby making his presence known πŸ™‚

I just noticed that my coffee was finished, yet Frith hadn’t even touched his. Situation normal. I always drank my coffee fast, (I still do) as I like it hot, whereas Frith liked to make it last as long as he could. There was also probably kahlua in these coffees, I’m not going to lie. When I’d make Frith a coffee on the weekend, he would ask “is it special?” to which I’d respond “you’re special.”

Silly stuff, but to be honest that’s the stuff that makes the bulk of a marriage. And still makes me smile.

Flashback Friday

This was the photo shoot for our 2016 Christmas card. Frith would always set up the timer and would take about 100 photos (1 per second) and we would hope to find a good one to use for my annual Christmas mailout.

For the first 100, we got the framing a bit wrong! Otherwise this one could have been the one!

This was towards the start of the second round
This was when 2-year-old Darby ran off
This was where Frith was tickling Chance
This was when Darby got curious
And, if memory serves correct, this was the money shot
Frith always preferred photos of him where he wasn’t looking at the camera, and I just think this photo captured us all.

Frith was always passionate about taking photos, and our annual Christmas photo was always so much fun. He did take it pretty seriously though. Where I’m more of a “point and shoot and that’ll do” kinda gal, he would set up the lighting, take test shots, and make sure the final product was magic. And it always was.

Flashback Friday

Frith all packed up and ready to drive the Land Cruiser during our move from Mount Isa to Rocky, January 2015. We met him there. He made an awesome playlist for the trip that I still have today. He was really into making awesome playlists. It’s comforting to listen to them now. Something else he left for me to remember him by.

Thanks again for that damn globe, Felix πŸ™‚

Flashback Friday

This photo was taken a year ago, on a work day at 7:11am. “Can I do up your buttons Dadda?”

Already running late for work, Frith would never say no to his kids. No matter how long it took. Gosh I hope the kids remember this stuff. And if not I’m so glad I have these little moments documented.

And just to take the edge off, we were also dealing with head lice. It went on for weeks and weeks and the only effective method was conditioner + combing.

The three kids, (Jules was still tucked away in my tummy) every second day for 10 days. More than once!  Friggin nightmare!

Flashback Friday

This time 2 years ago. Isabelle and Darby.

Us saying goodbye at the airport after another lovely visit.

And this was us today. These girls are gorgeous and generous and kind and helpful and I’m proud to call them my nieces ❀❀❀

Flashback Friday

How soon we forget! I was flicking back through some photos and came across this one of Jules in November

and had totally forgotten that he used to stick his tongue out like that! I used to call it his weather beacon. Clearly he has replaced that cute thing with a hundred others, but it’s nice to be reminded of these little memories. Oh my baby.