School holidays

Gosh it seems like ages ago that we had a house full of visitors. I love having people around keeping me company during the long days at home, especially during school holidays. And having extra hands to help out with the kids and cuddle the baby are always appreciated.

There was gingerbread cookie baking! (And eating!!)

Lots of jumping on the trampoline and running around playing cops and robbers (Thanks Uncle Jacques!!!!)

My gorgeous nieces, inside and out.

So many baby cuddles.

Family who Lego together…

It honestly filled my heart having family here, just spending time building Lego, baking, playing silly games, watching movies, eating Tim Tams (I only ever buy them when the girls come to visit!!) and eating dinners together. Thanks for all your help guys! Looking forward to having you back sometime soon!!!

A record this year

This is the longest I’ve gone this year without blogging. But I have a good reason: I’ve been busy having a fabulous time with our nieces and Hubs’ brother. It has been SO amazing having them around this week. They are all lovely, easy company and the kids are having a blast. School holidays are so much better (and easier!) when shared with others.

I’ll do a proper recap soon, I promise ? Say cookies!

4 weeks

It’s been slow and glorious with Hubs around for the last three weeks and Mum before that. We are soaking up all the goodness. My little super hero.

We had quite a crowd of friends over today to officially welcome him (show day holiday up here) and wet his head. Brunch turned into lunch which turned into afternoon drinks which turned into dinner for the kids and us saying goodbye to the last people around 7pm. Just the kind of day we love.

Weekend with Ouma

Hubs’ mum came up for the weekend for a grandkid fix and new baby snuggles. It’s always lovely having family around and the kids had a great time. There was a lot of this action…

We headed out to the Heritage Village yesterday for their open day and saw lots of cool stuff.

I think Hubs is quietly suggesting that we’d had enough fire engine bell…

There was also a bit of sitting around drinking coffee and wine and eating good food with good company. My favourite kind of weekend!

Thanks for visiting, Ouma!

Happy mothers day

Things my kids said to me today.

Darby: “Mama mama mama I got poo on my doodle.” He didn’t. I was relieved.

Quinn: “Do you know what my favourite smell is Mama? Farts. But only my farts.” Delightful.

And no new baby for mothers day for me. Though there’s still over 4 hours left of the day so you just never know. (Except I know. I do.)

Me and mine

Looking forward to garlic prawns and mussels on cous cous made by Dad. Yum!

Confession time

My name is Renae and I’m a compulsive entertainer.

Entertaining, dinner parties and BBQs were a huge part of my childhood. In a sense I’ve been entertaining my whole life. (Just ask my parents. Badoom ching!) I just can’t help it. The need to have people over on a regular basis is in my blood. It’s genetic. And Hubs shares and encourages this passion.

Two weeks ago though, I put my foot down with Hubs. “No more dinner parties for the time being. I’m nearly 40 weeks pregnant and I need a break! We can have people over but we’re ordering pizza. Because even a simple BBQ equates to preparation and cleaning up and I’m done for now!” That’s what I told him. And I meant it I swear!

So Thursday rolls around and Hubs says “I have a three day weekend. Want to fire up the BBQ Saturday night?”

And what do I say?

“Sure sounds good. Might as well invite the neighbours over. Oh and (insert several more people here.) Nothing fancy. Just burgers.”

Except I decided to make home made bread rolls. Because I can’t help myself.

And I made a special trip to Woollies because I had a hankering for yummy cheese. Because I can’t help myself.

And we invited a few more people who didn’t end up coming (8 in fact) so we “only” had 7 adults and 6 kids.

But that’s it. I swear. I’m done. We had a great night and we can take a break on a high.

Unless I can’t help myself…

A High Tea

These ladies. Honestly. How did I ever get so lucky?

A couple of months ago my friend (far right) said to me “so what are we going to do for your baby shower?” And I was like “ummm my what now?”

I mean it’s the fourth child. I’m lucky if people a) know I’m pregnant b) remember I’m pregnant and c) really care either way! So when she asked the question and insisted an event take place I was really quite chuffed. And I may have leaked a bit out of my eyes. These girls really are the sweetest damn things.

We decided on Delizie for Sunday afternoon high tea and just invited a few people. Mum and I came here about 18 months ago and it was so memorable then. And it certainly impressed again today.

I had a light brekky and only a coffee for lunch in anticipation. Oh the food!

So much deliciousness.

Such lovely company and beautiful atmosphere and some very thoughtful gifts which were even more unexpected! And it took quite a lot of organising with the three kids at three different places as Hubs was working so thank you to everyone who helped out with that.

The only thing left now is to have this baby! 35 weeks and counting.

Sometimes it’s all I need to do

There’s a common belief going round about how, if you think you’re a crap mum, you’re actually not because the fact that you feel overwhelming guilt about being impatient with your 6-year-old, or feeling terrible about yelling at your 4-year-old, or getting so upset when your 2-year-old throws something ELSE off the deck, means you care. It means you want to do better. It means you will try harder the next day. It means you will read your kids their bed time stories even though your tank is empty and you still have to clean the kitchen and make the next day’s lunches. And it means you’ll tuck them in to bed with huge cuddles and unlimited kisses and your heart will burst and you will vow to try harder tomorrow.

There are some moments where I honestly feel like the worst mum in the world but I know that these moments pass and my kids are very forgiving and they teach me so much every day and I do vow to try harder every day.

I’m scared to admit that I’m struggling at the moment. School pick up is particularly hard when I have to take Darby. He’s a runner, but up until today I had it all under control. Today he decided that my threats of leaving and statements of “okay bye Darby” were empty. He called my bluff and didn’t stop running down the hill. I could feel the tears coming as I tried to run after him, with my heavy belly and weak bladder, and I’m so glad that the car park he ran into was quiet, and that it was a dead end.

Back in the safety of my car, after carrying him back up the hill, the tears flowed freely. It’s a daily occurrence at the moment. I call it my daily cry and it just seems to be a part of this pregnancy’s third trimester. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I also know that I will find a way.

As my dear friend reminded me today, only 11 more pick-ups to go before I get a break for two weeks. And in that time I will definitely be putting some plans in place to help with pick-ups in term two.

This blog post was supposed to be a short one about lunch boxes. Sometimes all I need to do is make the lunches and I feel a bit better. Like I’m slightly on top of things, even if it’s fleeting. I guess lunch boxes can really bring out the stuff that’s bubbling under the surface?

Who’da thunk it?