Pigtails for you, Pigtails for me

For a number of years now, some friends and I have been celebrating “Pigtail Friday”. What does this mean, you ask? It just means that we all wear pigtails on a Friday in unity. We wear high pigtails, low pigtails, plait pigtails… “As long as there’s 2, it doesn’t matter what you do!” And sometimes we might take a moment to think of our friends, no matter where they are, and perhaps send up a prayer for them.

So if you’d like to participate, all you need is a couple of elastics and a part down the middle of your head. Here is one way you can wear your pigtails!

(Okay, so TECHNICALLY we’re only wearing 1 pigtail each, but I’m allowed to make up the rules!!)

Or if you want to go for 2 on your own:

Get creative ladies! And please feel free to send me photos of you wearing your pigtails on a Friday to put up on the Blog. We can take over the world! One pigtail at a time!!!!


  1. By the way, you do realise that the title of this entry has caused me to sing the Duff Beer song for at least half and hour:

    Duff Beer for me
    Duff Beer for you
    I’ll have a Duff
    You have one two


  2. Snap! I did Pigtail Friday yesterday!! I was explaining the tradition to a girl at work and she asked about the time difference… pointing out that Friday HERE was mostly Saturday THERE.

    Shut up – it’s the VIBE!

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