Jobs, jobs, and more jobs!

I just finished writing a post that I’m yet to publish, that outlines my extensive job history. It’s frightening. No, really. I’m almost tempted to hit the DELETE POST button and just forget that I ever composed such a hideous list. But in the spirit of not taking myself too seriously, I’m going to keep it and publish it in a wee while.

So in the mean time, I would like to ask y’all, particularly those who know me, to hazard a guess as to how many jobs I’ve had. And I’m talking about from my first job as a paper deliverer to my current position here in Melbourne. I’m talking, temping, casual, part-time, full-time, permanent, semi-permanent, (are we talking about hair dyes now??) and my favourite, cash-in-hand.

Go on, give it a crack.


  1. What’s the criteria for a job? Are we estimating the number of different roles through which you’ve contributed to society? Or is it only where cash is involved?

    I guess i’m asking if lifeline rapping counts just as much as making coffee.

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