A visitor from the North

A Beer (and some passion pop… and $3.50 cowboys…)

My friend A-dele came to visit a couple of weeks ago now and, as usual, we had a ball together! I ordered some typical Melbourne weather for her visit, and it delivered: Warm and sunny Friday; rainy and windy Saturday; freezing cold Sunday! Regardless, we had heaps of fun!

We danced at the Turf Bar:

Walk like an Egyptiannnnnn….

It’s fun to stay at the Yyyyyyy M C A!

Billie Jean is NOT my lover (ow!)

“Dancing’s for sissies” (says Hubs & L)

Yeah right!!! (do you like the new shirt I bought for Hubs!?)

We discovered what is now my new favourite coffee shop, Bebida on Smith st, we did LOTS of window shopping, we visited Abbotsford Convent, we ate yummy cupcakes (check out that awesome cupcake-to-frosting ratio!!!)

And we walked and walked and walked! Saturday we covered around 8km and Sunday we did about 5km. We also stumbled upon the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival down at Fed Square, but it was very crowded so we just had a quick look before heading back home for a cup of tea and a rest. Looking forward to some more visitors booked in over the next few months!


  1. 2 x NO WAY!:

    1) I have the EXACT same shirt as your hubby! I bought mine back in the days when shirt sizes were what they claimed to be (I’m using that excuse so go with it)

    2) CUPCAKES!

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