Playing host in Melbs

Friends of ours visited a few weeks ago from the Netherlands (we’ve had quite a few visitors this year so far – it’s been great!!) and we played host to them for the weekend. Dan took some super shots of old Melbourne Town and I’ve added them below.

An old-style tram cruising down Chapel St

Eureka Tower – one of my new favourite tourist attractions!

Dan and Jenny posing at the bottom

A view of Flinders St Station from the Eureka Skydeck

And from ground-level (if you go to the Flinders St Station link on Wikipedia, there’s a photo and you can see the Eureka Tower in the background!)

Hubs and I are finding more and more favourite spots to show off down here, and we still have a few things on our “to do” list to cross off within the next 12 months. Although, there are plans to go to America in July currently in the pipeline, so a Beer, a Whine and the Spirit might be going on the road! Watch this space…

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