Day 7 – We Shot the Minnow!

Thursday, 2nd July 2009 – On the lake, being chauffeured!

We started off slowly this morning so we really felt like we were on holidays! Kimberley took us to Docknockers which is a bar she used to work at, and she treated us to a bucket of crabs legs for lunch. It was so much fun and SO yummy. There were crab bits flying everywhere!

Docknockers outside

Some other bar we went to on the lake!

We stopped in at Walmart on the way home for some supplies, then headed back to Big Dick’s. When you go to Big Dick’s Halfway Inn, you have to shoot the minnow. You choose your shot (I chose Lake Water – I can’t remember what was in it but it was blue and delish, and Hubs had a Jager), you get given your minnow, you pop it in your shot, and down the hatch it goes! Well, that’s the theory anyway! Here’s a vid of us doing it. Check out my minnow jumping into my shot for me!!

Food and drink in one! Ha ha. We did a couple of minnow shots in our week on the Lake, cos, you know, when in Rome!

We spent the night in, cooking up pork chops, drinking wine and just taking in our surrounds. We watched some practice fireworks for the upcoming 4th of July celebrations and took it all in.


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