Day 12 – The sun on our faces and the wind in our hair

Tuesday, 7th July 2009 – Ozarks, MO to just outside of Memphis in AR – 334 miles

We left Big Dick’s for the last time at 11:30am which was very sad. But we were taking memories with us that we knew would last a lifetime. Thank you so much Kimberley and BJ for such an amazing week!!

On our way out along Cup Tree Drive, we took a photo of the cup tree and were on our way.

We stopped in on our way through Lebanon to visit Colleen’s Mum (we visited Colleen’s brother and family in Springfield earlier on our trip) who was even wearing an AUSTRALIA t-shirt for us! But unfortunately she had hurt her back so it was just a quick visit. It was lovely to meet you Kate! Hope you’re all better now.

Today was our favourite day of driving thus far. We were on smaller, more secluded highways, with gorgeous scenery and no trucks trying to run us over. And Woody-Woodpecker was watching over us from above, so what more could we ask for!?

I took this shot as the sun was getting lower in the sky…

And it was a beautiful sunset.

It really was such a great relaxed day. The days were still really long so we were watching the sun set around 8:30pm. We were going to camp overnight but all the tent spots were full at the campground we passed, so we found a super budget motel (a non-smoking room that clearly people smoke in – yeuch) and grabbed Burger King for dinner. FYI the Whopper tasted the same as in Australia. We had a quiet night in with our burgers, some duty free vodka and Roseanne on cable. Oh, and I also learnt that Arkansas isn’t pronounce phoenetically. Funny!

Another great day.

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