Day 19 Part 2 – Hey Boo Boo?

More adventures in the Smoky Mountains.

We were pretty knackered after our big ride but it was only about 2:30pm and we had lots more to do! We drove to the start of Grotto Falls which had been recommended by the owners of the campsite and started the short-ish walk.

I was still on the look-out for bears and I wasn’t taking ANY chances. We were told just to make sure we make lots of noise while we’re walking. And so I did.
(You can blame Hubs for the orientation! 🙂

It drove Hubs crazy, which, you know, made me want to keep doing it! And lucky I did too!

The falls were beautiful but I was still nervous so after Hubs had taken a gazillion shots, I suggested it was time to head back.

Thankfully it was all downhill on the way back so it didn’t take too long. We went in search of a nice spot to watch the sunset but we got caught in traffic and lost track of the time so we just saw glimpses of it through the trees. This was the cause of 1 traffic jam we got caught in.

This is, clearly, the worst photograph of bears EVER taken. But we were excited that we did actually get to see a bear (or 2), AND I was particularly excited that it was from the (relative) safety of our car. Then of course we had to find somewhere to eat again which proved tricky. AGAIN! We ended up just grabbing some bread and sardines and potato chips at a place down the road from the campground and got home just after 10, completely exhausted and ready for beddy-bise!

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