Happy Anniversary Nanny and Grandpa!

Today is not only my Mum’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!!!) but it’s also the 60th Anniversary of when my grandparents landed in Australia. They were refugees from WWII and had a choice to come to either Canada or Australia, and luckily for me, they chose Australia! (Lucky, cos, you know, otherwise I wouldn’t exist. So maybe it’s lucky for ALL OF YOU!!! Ha!)

Mum and Dad wanted to commemorate this milestone by throwing Nanny and Grandpa a party, and Mum took it upon herself to make the coolest cake EVER!

Mum hired the cake tin from a cake shop and bought the accessories to put this creation together. When she first emailed it to me, I thought it was a picture from a magazine that she wanted to copy, but no! It was the real deal! I showed all the ladies here at work and they went berserk over it as I did!

Mum has made many of our cakes over the years, mainly from the Woman’s Day Birthday Cake Book. You know the one. I had the doll cake, the bunny, the monster, the piano (it was purple cos purple is my favourite colour and Mum would do anything for me), the sewing basket, a few numbers (like ONE – 3 cakes spelling it out!), the cricket bat (yes, I had the cricket bat) and a few more I’m sure. This is a bit of a hobby of Mums, but I reckon she could turn professional!

I hope you have a lovely birthday Mum! And I trust the Anniversary celebrations were a blast! 🙂

Updated: And here’s Nanny and Grandpa enjoying themselves on their special day:

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  1. That sure is a fantastic cake. I’m glad it was photographed for posterity – ’cause it’s a work of art. It’s almost a shame to eat it. (Note, i said almost).

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