My Addiction

For some people, it’s cigarettes (yeuch), for others it’s exercise (I wish), or it might be chocolate (guilty!). But my main addiction is being organised. I love it. I get a thrill out of it when everything falls into place and my handy work pays off. I pretty much single-handedly organised our trip to the USA and it was brilliant. Because I’d done all the work before we left, and we were flexible once we got there to change our plans (somewhat) if we wanted to, we had a stress-free travel experience. I can’t help it! It’s the way I was brought up. (Have you MET my Mum??) Nor do I WANT to help it. (Why on earth would I??) Organising our wedding was like heaven for me…

Hubs, on the other hand, is a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kinda guy. And this is certainly one of the things I find endearing about him. He is relaxed and chilled out most of the time and I know this rubs off on me which is a good thing. I also know that we disagree on certain things when it comes to organising or “over-organising” things as he might say. But it’s a learning curve.

The weekend that we just had, however, proved that no matter how much you organise something, if you keep leaving your suit and dress for the wedding you’re attending behind (first at College and then at Hubs’ Mother’s place), things aren’t going to run so smoothly! Ha ha. Oh, and I haven’t even MENTIONED the fact that I left my purse in Melbourne as well. It was a hilarious comedy of errors by someone who is usually on the ball. I think my memory is failing (yes! Already!) so I might have to start writing more lists.

Our weekend was delightful (apart from the forgetfulness) and the wedding we attended was fabulous. But more about that later. It’s time for me to get …..

(everybody all together!!!!!)



  1. Ooooh I would love to! But I know you would do a much better job. I also know quite a few of my friends who have always been organised, and have had children and have just had to let it go a bit. Embrace the crazy and the mess and the chaos that is life with a baby (and all the other fun stuff going on in your life) and I’m sure you will enjoy the benefits this brings!

  2. PLEASE come & organise my life. I’m like you- normally organised to a fault. Moving house, starting a job & having a crawling six month old has turned my life upside down!

    And agh- leaving your purse behind? What a massive pain!

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