What we’ve been up to lately:

I’ve been sewing, making Christmas cards, baking, socialising, trying to find motivation to exercise, working, being a wonderful Wifey (in my opinion!)

Hubs has been studying, putting together a rockin’ media pc (guest blog post to come, right Hubs?), tinkering with various projects, being a wonderful Hubsband.

We attended my cousin’s wedding a couple weekends ago and had an absolute ball! I’m planning on a separate post about that soon. Life is just kind of cruising along at the moment, but this could be the calm before the storm as Hubs starts exams in 11 days and has a LOT of them. Plus, I have committed myself to a few projects and bits and pieces that aren’t pressing yet, but I know how time has a tendency to fly so I need to keep an eye on the calendar. (What do you MEAN Monday is the first day of November???)

We are looking forward to coming up to Brisbane over Christmas, as well as travelling to South Africa early January, celebrating my 20tenth birthday mid-January and attending Hubs’ brother’s wedding at the end of Jan. Then it’s back to business in Melbourne on the 1st of Feb 2010. 2010???? Wha????

So this is just a heads-up to let you know we’ll be up in sunny Queensland soon and would love to see as many people as possible. Well, I would love to see as many people as possible – Hubs would be happy with a few small gatherings over a few beers, in between working on his boats (a couple of Hobie cats he’s been fibreglassing for a little while.) We’ll see how it all pans out.

The weather down here has been just beautiful since Saturday. It’s currently 28 degrees and I can’t WAIT to finish work and get out amongst it. The weekend is looking gorgeous too, and I’m really hoping this is going to continue, seeing as how it IS currently Spring time. Chances are though, (and I don’t mean to tempt fate) it will plummet back down to 10 degrees some time next week. WHAT? It’s TRUE!

Watch this space for posts about a duplo “pyramid”, a giant cookie, a fairytale wedding, a game of “how much you think I pay?” and, as promised, a guest post from Hubs. It’s going to be WILD!

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