Pumping Iron

I decided I needed a kick-start to my exercise regime (that is, I had no exercise regime and needed one) so I’ve signed up for a 1 month membership to all the classes at the uni gym. I’m no stranger to joining a gym, but I’m not so familiar with actually going regularly. I’ve probably joined half a dozen gyms in my life, but the novelty wears off in about the 2nd month and the rest of the year is wasted. I’ve sometimes gotten some of my money back, but more often than not, it’s been money down the drain.

I know that part of the reason that I didn’t go regularly was because I was always so busy and I didn’t put it as a priority. After the initial surge of motivation, I would put it at around 8th on my list of priorities so it never really got “done”. I have quite a bit of time on my hands at the moment, and I wanted to do something for myself and for my health. So this time, instead of committing myself to a whole year, I decided to just go for the month. Kind of a build-up before Christmas. And I went for the classes-only pass as that’s what I’m most interested in. Plus it includes use of the pool and I don’t mind doing laps from time to time.

So my month started last Thursday and I think I’ve already gotten my money’s worth, going 10 times in 8 days. Most of my muscles are screaming at me on a daily basis, but I’m already noticing an increase in my energy, plus I’m going to sleep easier at night. My dreams are a lot more crazy (as is per usual when I sleep heavier) but it’s worth it.

So I’m not saying I’m going to keep up this “10 trips in a week” thing, but I’m certainly going to give it a crack!

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