This time last year…

… I was blogging about how lovely and quiet the college is without all those pesky students around
… I was amazed that we had been in Melbourne for 6 months already
… I was struggling to find an identity for myself down here
… We had just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary
… I was annoyed that I was sick AGAIN!!
… I was looking forward to going to Brisbane for Christmas

And now I’m
… blogging about what I was doing a year ago
… blown away we’ve been in Melbourne for 18 months
… finding my groove down here as a wife, a Marriage Celebrant, a friend and someone who has had a job for over a year and is happy in it
… excited to have just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary
… excited that I haven’t been sick for months and months (touch wood)
… looking forward to going to Brisbane for Christmas, and all the adventures to follow

The countdown is on! 2 weeks and 1.5 days of work left and we’re hitting the road! YEAH!!!

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