A drinking game – Archers

Until we started this experiment, I didn’t realise that Archers was a South African drink. (I can’t find any good links to the drink, so let me know if you do!)

We tried the peach variety with mixed results.
Come on Clayton. Bring it home.
Hooray! A different reaction! Maybe not a great one, but a different one!! (Clayton wasn’t a fan!)
Unlike Anne!
One of her faves
I gotta say I was expecting big things after all the hype!
But I gotta say, I wasn’t overly impressed
And last but not least, Hubs
 Hubs = not fussy (read: will drink anything!)
I think the results for this drink were a bit mixed. Anne loved it, I didn’t mind it, Hubs would drink it, and Clayton wouldn’t. An interesting result for the last drink! I’ll have a wrap-up tomorrow.

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