I’ve chosen my own adventure!

As I mentioned previously, my cousins and aunty and uncle gave me a red balloon voucher for my birthday in January, and I’ve finally booked something in! It wasn’t even on the voting list I blogged about! This is what I went with: (Quoted directly from the website)

Chocolate Making Workshop

Chocolate Making Workshop
What is the Experience?
This chocolate-making workshop is all about chocolate-making in a dream setting. You’ll make gorgeous hand-made chocolates in a fully equipped commercial Melbourne kitchen. Under the guidance of a professional chocolatier, you’ll be preparing ganache filling, chocolate curls, and more!
Professional foodies and chocoholics alike will simply love this beginners’ chocolate-making workshop. To begin with, Sylvia, a professional chocolatier, will talk you through the process of turning cocoa beans into a block of chocolate and give you some tasty information on the history of chocolate. Then you’ll be ready to temper the chocolate and turn it into chocolaty delights!

Correct tempering of chocolate is the key to perfectly-made delicacies. During the workshop you will work with only the highest-quality Belgian couverture chocolate, which averages over 64% cocoa. You’ll make ganache filling, choose your own flavouring, and pour into moulds that are the same as those used by the world’s top chocolatiers! You will also get to call on your creative side when making little curls and other decorations for your chocolates.

Throughout the four-hour class you’ll make a variety of chocolates and decorations – all of which you’ll get to take home with you afterwards! Everything is done to the highest professional standard and the atmosphere is all about fun.

One of the best things about this class is the size. With no more than six participants in the group you will all work together and receive all of the attention you need in order to bring out your innermost chocolaty creative flair!

This course is ideal for the chocolate-lover who wants to learn about the intricacies of chocolate appreciation and learn how to make goodies for themselves, or as gifts for others. Any professional cook or patisserie chef who wants to hone their skills in chocolate-making will also benefit greatly from this workshop. Whatever your motivation, you will walk away from this workshop knowing all about the full potential of chocolate and with a box full of chocolaty treats. This is a fun-packed four hours that you won’t forget!

Oh yeah. I’m just a bit excited. The course is in a couple of weeks so I’ll let you know how it goes. I might have to wear my stretchy pants! Tee hee!!

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