The name game

A conversation currently in progress:

Hubs: “Remember how I used to call you Mags? What name could we give our child that could be shortened to Mags?”
Wifey: “If it’s a girl, Margaret?”
Hubs: “Hmmmmm…. and if it’s a boy?”
Wifey: “How about Magnum”
Hubs: “Middle name, P.I.”
Wifey, giggling…
Hubs: “And then, we can put the Pi symbol as his middle name and he can be called Magnum π”
Wifey, uncontrollably laughing at this stage, but he’s not done yet!
Hubs: “And then!!…….. We can call him….. Magpi!!”

Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

My Hubs is hilarious. Feeling sorry for Littlefoot yet people??


  1. Am very down with naming after degrassi!!! I had to share our baby name saga. I always wanted a bubba boy so i could call him Flynn…. then i met a man whose surname unfortunately had to be Stone. I cant even use it as a middle name. 🙁 Oh well, on the plus side, i already have our next pet’s name?? 🙂

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