Bomb dive

Or is that dive bomb? Whatever. All I know is that the energy I was feeling here has gone on a holiday without my permission and left me at home from work “sick” for 2 days this week. I tried, I really did try. I went to work on Thursday and lasted from 10am til 11am before I had to go home. It was either go home or pass out under my desk for the rest of the day. I wonder if I had done that if anyone would have noticed? Would that still have counted as being at work? Would I have been paid?? Me thinks not. And then the next day it took me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work.

Here’s why:

It took 10 minutes to walk the 150m or so to the bus stop
The bus took 9 minutes
I went to the Post Office to post a birthday present and started to feel quite faint
I went to the coffee shop next door to have a little sit down and an orange juice
It took almost half an hour to feel better
It took 5 minutes to walk the 50m to work
It took about a minute to walk up 14 stairs
I had to rest at the top of the stairs for 5 minutes before I could go through the last door to get to work
I sat down and recovered for another 10 minutes
I went to tell my boss I was going home

She asked why I had come in in the first place.

I wondered the same thing, particularly because it was absolutely pouring down rain and it would have been far more logical to stay at home in my nice warm bed. But I felt pretty good in the morning! It really wasn’t until I got to the Post Office, in the heating, and then to work, again in the stuffy suffocating heating, that I started to feel rotten. I think I have some sort of virus or something that is just messing with my body temp/blood pressure. The Midwife I phoned on Thursday said it wasn’t anything to worry about but to go and see my Doc “if symptoms persist”.

So I’m going to try to go to work again tomorrow and hope for the best. I think this will be my last week of work though. I was going to work next week as well, but I think my body is saying that enough is enough.

And the reason I’m sharing all of this? We just got home from a lovely day in Beechworth (post to come) and I’m avoiding doing the kitchen after roo burgers for dinner. “Oh lovely Hubsbaaaaaaaannnnd!”

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