Here comes the bride

This is a very late post about a beautiful wedding that I was lucky enough to officiate way back in April. It was my first wedding and I couldn’t have been happier that I was performing the ceremony for our 2 friends, Nathan and Cal. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous leading up to the day, and the night before I had not one but two nightmares that I couldn’t get to the ceremony!

We arrived at the venue over an hour before the start time, just so that I felt nice and organised. When I started to get ridiculously nervous, I reminded myself that it wasn’t about me. That the day was all about Nathan and Cal, and that I was just there as a helper. This made me relax a whole lot and I really started enjoying myself – getting things ready, and chatting to other friends who were there.

I love weddings. I know I have mentioned this before, but I really do. They are one of the happiest occasions in a couple’s life and I always feel so priveleged when I am a part of someone’s special day as a guest. But to be a Celebrant at a wedding is a whole new honour. Nathan and Cal wrote their own vows which were just beautiful, and I really felt blessed to be a part of it all.

Getting everything in order before the big arrival

With the lovely couple
(I don’t know who was more nervous – them or me!!)
Wifey shmoozing with guests after the ceremony
Nathan and Cal rocking out on the dance floor
When we first started planning the wedding I said something along the lines of “this will be my first wedding – I’ve never done this before” (which they already knew) to which they replied “well we’ve never done this before either so we’re in the same boat.” I’m so glad my first wedding was for a couple I knew well – it certainly helped with the nerves! Thanks Nathan and Cal!

I have done one other wedding since then that I’ll blog about separately, and I have one booked in for the 19th of December as well. Littlefoot will be very little indeed at that one, but I’m sure everything will come together nicely. I’m really looking forward to building up my business in the next few years!


  1. Yes it was amazing – the sun was beating down on us around 4pm and we were worried about being all squinty, but then the cloud cover came just in time, and right after the ceremony, the sun came out again for a lovely sunset!

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