Self portraits, belly shots, and new hair

I decided to get my hair done last week, since I won’t have a lot of free time once Littlefoot joins us in the outside world. I haven’t dyed my hair in almost 18 months, and was in need of a bit of a cut, so I got the works done. And I feel like a million bucks! I found a great hairdresser who uses natural hair dyes with no amonia, and who did exactly what I asked for and didn’t charge an absolute fortune – they are just so hard to find! I’ll certainly be going back to her (eventually). I think it’s hilarious that It’s only taken me 30 years (okay, 15 years of actually trying) to find a hair style that I really like and that I know pretty much exactly what to ask for when I walk into a hair salon. Getting the hairdresser to actually do what you ask for is another thing, so that’s why I was so excited about this one!

I also decided to try my hand at some self-portrait belly shots – this is harder than it looks! I got a couple of okay ones, but would like to practice the whole self-portrait thing a bit more and learn how to frame a bit better. Oh, and a nice mirror would actually help I’m sure. The first 2 are my attempts. The next 2 are the belly shots Hubs took of me just before we went out to dinner with Mum and Dad at Rinaldo’s (delish!!) last week.

From the front

And the side
From up high
And down low (too slow! ha ha ha ha)
We’re really enjoying using our new camera. It’s a sony something-or-other and it’s great for not only pointing and shooting (my kind of photography) but you (read: Hubs) can do lots of other cool things with it as well. I’m sure I’ll be able to explain what those things are some day, but for the time being, I’m just happy to use it in auto mode, much to Hubs’ horror! Hee hee!

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