The Due Date

Today is my due date, which, in pregnancy terms means diddly-squat since only 5% of babies are born on their due date. But you just never know. There’s still 13 hours left in the day. I’m still fairly comfortable in general, though it’s going to be 31 degrees every day this week which may test my patience a little I’m sure. I do feel as though I’ve gotten to the “okay I’m ready now” phase without quite being at the “ohmygoodness-get-this-thing-out-of-my-belly” phase. The thing I keep thinking about is that the longer he/she stays in residence at casa de Mamafoot, he/she is getting bigger. And as many of you know, Hubs and I aren’t the shortest of people (don’t even get me started on our brothers who both stand 6 foot 6 inches!!) so it wouldn’t at all surprise me if Littlefoot comes out 3 feet tall with a boot size of 10. Hey! I’ve felt those kicks!!

So in answer to your texts and emails and phone calls and comments (thanks so much for the love!) no, we don’t have an outside baby as yet. But we are ready…


  1. Sounds like you should be in Brisbane, where the forecast is a maximum of 26 all week with clouds and possible showers every day!

    And I’m sure Mum has already reassured you that I was average size when I was born – the growth spurt didn’t happen until after the first 6 months 🙂 . Not sure what the Foottit genes will bring in to the mix though!

  2. Well I’m not going to tell you that I burst into tears when I couldn’t work the photo program on our computer this morning and had the sudden urge to throw the damn thing out the window… 🙂

  3. You sound so calm! I was four days overdue and burst into tears every time the phone rang with another person checking up on us.

    Praying you’ll be in that very lucky 5%! 🙂

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