Garage sales

I love a good garage sale, but I hate crappy ones. Hubs and I have been hitting a few over the last few months here in Wang, and after the last lot we went to, I have realised there are 2 types of garage sale:

Type One is where the owners want to make money, and Type Two is where the owners want to get rid of stuff. Things that you would find at Type One’s garage sale would be an x-box for $250, a couch for $100 and clothes for $5 each. Things that you would find at Type Two’s garage sale would be this awesome coat…

… for $2. Oh yes! It’s almost new and very cute. I have never had a garage sale of my own, but that will change very soon. We are going to have one before we leave for Mt Beauty, and I can assure you it’s going to be a “Type Two” garage sale. I may even bake cookies for the punters. I can’t wait!!!

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