Back again

I’ve been a bit absent from my online life this week, as we have been back in Wang for Hubs’ studies. We had a great time catching up with friends and I had a great visit with my mothers group, and we got back to MB last night. I think the traveling is going to get a bit old (we need to go back to Wang next week from Tuesday night to Friday) but I really do enjoy catching up with my Wang buddies. The down side is, we’re still not settled in our new home! We just haven’t had the time to finish unpacking and shopping for furniture we need (bookshelves and set of drawers mainly) and then there’s the desire to not buy more stuff, which leaves us in a state of almost but not quite moved in to our new place.

Plus, it’s still ski season so I push Hubs out the door to go snowboarding as much as possible. (As if he protests…) He’s up at Hotham today with a couple of friends.

It’s only driving me a little crazy. For the most part it doesn’t matter too much, but this place is not completely child-proofed which means most of my day is spent keeping a very close eye on the little guy. He’s getting pretty quick now so I can’t just leave him and put the washing on without my heart racing a million miles an hour, and hoping he doesn’t find anything that he shouldn’t. He’s currently having a great time in the Jolly Jumper which gives me a few minutes to chill, but I can only leave him bouncing for so long.

On another note, we’re very much looking forward to spoiling Hubs tomorrow on his first Fathers Day! I was going to clean and tidy the place while he was away today and make it all shmicko for him, but that’s just not going to happen. I think I’ll have a little play now with Chanbe instead 🙂

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