Aaaaahhhh FREAK OUT!

Le freak isn’t C’est chic either.

A month or so ago I asked Hubs about the possibility of us moving back to Wangaratta earlier than July (when he was due back there) as he was having to spend so much time there anyway, and I have a lot of friends there that I really miss. There is much more to that story, but in the end he agreed that we could let the real estate agent know that the house would be available after Easter if anyone was interested in taking over the lease. We felt this was unlikely, but it was worth a go.

In the last few weeks, since my accident, I have stayed in MB the whole time, Chanbe has a great sleeping routine happening, and I’ve just been enjoying myself here. (Possibly because I haven’t had to lift a finger, and I’ve had Mum’s company.) Last week we had a potential tenant come through, but they decided on another house. Today we had someone else come through, and, you guessed it! They decided they wanted it on the spot and they want to move in over the Easter weekend.

I am so full of mixed emotions right now. I’m SO excited that we get to move back to Wangaratta; I’m terrified of the amount of packing we have to do and the fact that I’m not going to be able to help with it much; I’m curious as to what house we will find (we will have a look at a few next week and hopefully decide on one); I am sad about leaving the friends we have made here, but I’m also keen to come back on some weekends to visit; I’m excited that I’ll be able to attend mothers group again, and get back into the gym once the cast comes off.

The happy thoughts definitely outweigh the freaking-out, and I’ll feel even better once we find a place to move to in Wang. Now, where’s that packing tape?

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