So here we are

We found out this week where Hubs, and therefore we, will be spending next year. And the winner… is…


We are really very happy with that placement. Even though we would have liked Cairns as our first choice, there were no positions left after the first round offers all went to Queensland med students, but once we considered Townsville as a possibility, we decided we would be very happy there as well. We have family and friends up there and when I told them the news, they were very excited which was a lovely feeling.

Hubs finishes up medicine (woo!!) in early November, and we’re planning on moving up not long after that. The hospital is providing some moving assistance and accommodation while we look for somewhere to live which will be very helpful indeed. I’ve already started looking at houses up there and am really enjoying making plans,which is something we haven’t been able to do for quite a long time.

I’m feeling really great about the move, and am glad we can get up there and settle in before Christmas, and set ourselves up before the baby is due at the end of January.

So here we are. We have an answer to our big question, we have plans to make, and time to dream about what adventures next year will bring for our family.


  1. Yes well Cairns would have been amazing as well, especially with the company we would have been keeping! Maybe one day we’ll live in the same city!

  2. As a resident of Cairns it was duty to respond with disgust at the notion that townsville is better. The Esplande is way better then the strand one word Muddies!!

  3. Townsville is better than Cairns anyway. Townsville definitely seems more boring as a visitor, because Cairns is all touristy set up. But because Townsville lacks the ambient touristy nature, you get a more community feel and a nicer place to live, make friends, enjoy things like the Strand, golf, BBQs, bike rides, cheap movies and food and drinks and the rest. Cairns is expensive… and hotter. and further away (extra hour flight) from lovely Brisbane 🙂 And you’re close to Ayr if you fancy the races again!

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