#036 – Go to the Harvey Ranges with Mum

This is part of my challenge to complete 101 things in 1001 days. 
See my full list here, and the inspiration behind the 101 things in 1001 days challenge here.

While Mum was visiting, we headed up to the Harvey Ranges Heritage Tea Rooms to check out their High Tea. Unfortunately we needed to give a week’s notice for High Tea, so instead we just ordered off the menu. We’ll try for a High Tea somewhere else sometime!

There were quite a few people there for a mid-week, non-school holidays time of year, (not that you can tell from the photos!) and it gave the place extra atmosphere. It had a really lovely feel to it, with an old, rustic house, and seating among lovely shady trees.

It was a really nice place to spend some quality mother/daughter/granddaughter time, and just from the look and feel of the place, I was already saying I’d love to bring Hubs and Chanbe here sometime, as well as out-of-town guests.

We ordered some scones and a focaccia to share, and of course a couple of coffees, and waited in the beautiful surrounds.

The food and drinks arrived, and this is where things started to go a bit downhill. The coffee was so incredibly weak, it was like they put only a trickle of espresso in, so I went back and asked for an extra shot. Even with that, it was barely passable as “coffee” instead of “slightly coffee flavoured milk”.

The focaccia was certainly forgettable, as was the dressing-soaked salad on the side. And the scones. The scones weren’t sconny at all. They were like slabs of cake-like-stuff that just tasted like nothing much at all. And they were ridiculously huge. Not dainty or light and fluffy or special at all.

So I’m not sure I’ll be heading back anytime soon, which is such a shame. Obviously we still had a lovely time, but that was more about the place and the company, and not much to do with the food and drink.
This place has SO MUCH potential, but there’s just no heart. Maybe that’s why this sign was up.

I feel like they’ve already sold the place – like they’re just killing time and don’t have to try hard or impress anyone. My imagination went straight to “Hubs and I would be so great at running a place like this!” I could make (awesome) scones in the morning, make (delicious) coffees all day, and bake (yummy) treats in the evenings. That would be so cool. Maybe one day…

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