Staying positive

Well it was bound to happen. It’s what I do. I was attempting my first 5k run last Sunday in the lead up to this Sunday’s fun run, and at 3km, sciatica pain hit. At 4km I had to stop. I was quite sad and couldn’t help being a little (very) frustrated. I came home, took some pain killers and have been hoping for the best ever since. I’ve been doing what all the articles are telling me to do – stretch, heat, cold, rest, pain killers. Today is the first day I’ve noticed a small improvement. I really have my heart set on running this Sunday, and I’m just trying to stay positive that it will happen.

I’ve never stuck to a plan like this before, and there’s still a part of me that can’t believe I actually made it (almost!) this far. I feel like, if I can do this, there are so many other things I can believe I’m capable of.

I just have to get through Sunday. Wish me luck!!!!!

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