Having regrets (and getting over them)

I’m currently booking flights for another visit to Brisbane next month. I regret not signing Chanbe up to the same flights reward program as me as soon as he took his first flight. He’s been on over 20 flights in almost 3 years. I also regret not always booking with the same airline, to build up more points.

These are small, somewhat insignificant things, but for some reason they, and a few other things, are weighing heavily on me. Maybe I’m trying to focus on small, meaningless things so I don’t have to concentrate on the big things in life at the moment. Like moving house. Again. I said I wouldn’t do it again. Who was I kidding? But it can’t be as bad as the last move, right? I mean, I’m not over 30 weeks pregnant. And we have a plan in the pipeline to make things easier for us. So it won’t be as bad. I’m sure of it.

Getting over it. I’ve just signed the kids up to the flights rewards program. Better late than never, right? I guess that’s one way to deal with regret. Do what you can do, learn from it and move on.

Update: I just realised, a week after writing this post, that it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d signed Chanbe up from the start. I never had to pay for his flights while he was under 2 years old, so none of those early flights (around 20!) would have earned him any points anyway. So there you go. I’m over it 🙂

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