5 weekends, 5 towns

2 weekends ago we were here in Ingham, last weekend we were in Mission Beach, this weekend we’re going to Cairns, next weekend we’ll be in Townsville, and the following weekend (my birthday!) we will arrive in Mount Isa. The enormousness (and no, I don’t mean enormity) of the next few weeks (and the previous few) is starting to catch up with me. We’ve had a steady stream of house guests in the last month which has just been so lovely, and now that we have an empty house, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything. So we’re just having a quiet morning to regroup, before packing for Cairns this arvo.

I did actually blog from my phone on Christmas day, but that is very hit and miss, and unfortunately that post missed. We had a great week away at Mission Beach with family and friends, and in a huge group effort, put together a beautiful Christmas lunch.

This was the view we had for the week:

And on Christmas eve, I made the best pierogi I’ve ever made on my own. It felt so great to know that I can do it now.

The kids had a great time away, and Chance loved swimming at the beach in his stinger suit:

And Quindy didn’t mind just hanging out with Mama and eating crackers and dip 🙂

Who knows what the next few weeks will look like for us. Again, as usual, we’ll be on and off line during the move, and internet connection will be a priority once we arrive in the Isa.

It’s hard to believe that, once again, our time in our new town is coming to an end. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting, even NOT being 36 weeks pregnant this time! This time last year was hard work, and we know that this move won’t be as hard, but it will still be challenging, and we are looking forward to being in our new house and starting the settling-in time once again. The uncertainty hasn’t really bothered me until now – we still haven’t been allocated a house in Isa – but now I just want to know where we will be!

I have been ticking quite a few things off my 101 things in 1001 days which is exciting; like horse riding, flying a kite, and making a(nother) batch of pierogi. I’m really enjoying this list and am happy every time I cross something off.

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