The tale of the rug and the frog

I’m not exactly sure how, but little Quindy has a ruggie. And it’s too cute. It’s just a muslin wrap that I bought in a 3 pack that she took a fancy to about 6 months ago and now it’s her thing. She grabs it and the thumb goes in. If I hear her go upstairs to her bedroom and start yelling, I can be pretty sure she’s at her cot trying to reach her rug, which Chanbe will often help her out with.

And then came the frog. Again, we have plenty of stuffed toys hanging around, but there was something special about “Froggy”. It was actually a toy that was given to Chanbe as a baby but he was never really interested… until now of course!

It’s lovely when my kids can be so easily pleased. It’s a reminder that sometimes all you need is a little comfort and something familiar to be happy.

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