Sharing’s caring

Or can be more easily defined as “being a parent.”

Thinking about having offspring? You’d better be good at sharing. Everything. Your glass of water; your sneakie cookie; your sandwich; your bed; your lap; your phone; your clothes; pretty much every meal and snack and drink (aside from coffee and wine) you make for yourself, for the next 2 decades.

It’s not that I mind sharing. I’m pretty good at it. But sometimes I just want to say NO! Chanbe and Quindy are very much at the “learning to share” phase, and it’s a bit hard, when trying to teach them to share with each other and other kids, to not set the example. We do, however, believe in the idea that you don’t always have to share. It’s a choice, and you are allowed to say no, as long as you realise that the other person has the same option when you’re the one doing the asking.

So today, I said “no” to sharing my cookie. I wanted to dip that whole sucker into my hot cup of coffee and not have to go halves with any little people, especially since they had just had their own. This is sometimes met with tantrums, but it’s a guilt-free no on my behalf.

This was just a little “share” from me while I drink my 1/4 glass of rose while the kids are having screen time and I prepare mentally and physically for the “dinner, bath, bedtime” that I’ll be doing pretty much solo for the next 12 days. Hubs is working non-stop until we go on our little holiday, so I need the mental prep time around 5pm each day to tackle the next 2 hours.

Coming up on the blog:

  • The next step in my quest for making the perfect macarons
  • Our holiday plans
  • My unremarkable pregnancy (and why that is a good thing)
  • We love going on bumpy drives

… and more! Stay tuned…


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