“Once I lose weight I will…” blah blah blah…

I was chatting with a good friend of mine while I was in Brisbane about blogging and stuff. She is an avid reader and always gets cranky when I don’t post often enough 🙂 I said that I had a bunch of posts that I’d started and never published and she said I should go back to them and finish them off! So that’s what today’s post is. The following was written in September 2013:

This phrase has been with me a long time.

Once I lose weight I will:
– spend money on nicer clothes that fit me well and look great
– take up tap dancing again (it’s been 20 years since I last tapped…)
– do a 10km fun run
– keep the weight off and magically never be emotionally attached to food again
– go on the swings and playground equipment with Chanbe without fear of it breaking (I never said I was rational!)
– not poke my tongue out whenever I look in the mirror (my daily positive thought is helping with this though)
– be happy

So the way I see it, I have 2 choices. Lose weight and do these things, or don’t lose weight and do these things. That’s the only way I’m going to be happy in my own skin. To do all these things (and there are so many more) now. Just as I am.

Cos I’m pretty all right.

I actually remember writing this post, and I’m not sure why it never made it to the published stage. Maybe I was waiting to lose weight so I could publish it as an afterthought.

I’ve also had another post floating around in my head recently that I titled “Bigger than my body.” While waiting for my obstetrician appointment this morning, I wrote down the crux of it, and will write it in full later on tonight, as it is a bit of a continuation on this theme, but not.

You’ll see what I mean soon!

(Update: the baby is still nice and snug in my uterus. It’s happy and I’m happy, so my doctor is happy for me to continue along, and hope that I go into labour all by myself, to avoid being induced. Fingers crossed!!)


    1. It’s funny how we think that “one day things will be different” somehow, but it’s not like you just change without realising it (well, mostly!) If only it were that simple 🙂

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