Feeling the festive love

Sorry that I’ve been missing since Christmas. I’ve been in a cycle of broken sleep, girly in-home movie nights with my friend, baking, constantly checking realestate.com for houses in Rocky, checking flights every day to see if they are going up in price as I’m yet to book anything and we might be leaving as early as next week, all the while thinking “I should blog”. 

Our Christmas day was lovely. It didn’t exactly feel like Christmas but our little orphans Christmas was very nice and included a swimming pool so that was a bonus.

This is the love I’m feeling at the moment:


To be honest I didn’t really expect to get many Christmas or “new baby boy” cards and I really appreciate all the love that has been sent. It makes us feel closer than the nearly 2000 km away from Brisbane that we are.

Hubs is back at work after almost 3 weeks paternity leave and he finishes up here in 2 weeks. He then starts in Rocky on the 21st Jan – a bit earlier than we initially planned but we’re happy about that. I’ve been going around in circles trying to decide the best plan of action for us to get to Rocky and still haven’t come up with anything concrete. There are just too many options and they all have their good and bad points. One thing that’s making life easier is that the weather has been rather lovely since Christmas day. Lovely cool breezes during the day and very comfortable temps over night. I haven’t put the air con on since Christmas eve!

The kids are doing well. Darby is feeding nicely and packing on the weight and is even sleeping in 3 hour blocks over night! Chance keeps asking if we’re “moving to Rockhampton today” and Quinn is learning to use the potty! Is all happening here!

Now all we need is a house 🙂

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