Nearly bed time

Over the last seven days, four out of the five members of this family have been hit with a nasty bout of gastro. I am the only one left standing. As it got passed to each family member, it got worse for that next person in line. Hubs was the latest victim, with it hitting him at 1am this morning. And boy was it a nasty 12 hours. Darbs had already started it during the day yesterday, so between the two of them, plus having Chanbe and Quindy in bed with me (Hubs ended up in Chanbe’s bed), not much sleep was had.

And now everyone is in bed, asleep, but me. And it’s been that way since 7:30pm. But I have things to do – folding to put away (check!), kindy lunch to make (check!), travel arrangements to make for Hubs (in the process right now), and chai tea to drink (check!).

I just can’t do it people! I can’t get my head around going to bed early. And by early, I mean before 10pm. I am happy to go to bed around 9:30 and read for a bit, but that’s pretty much where I draw the line. Especially when I have the house to myself (*sigh*) and can enjoy my cup of tea without interruption.

I had a list of things to get done today, but since Quindy couldn’t go to her kindy, and with Darbs and Dadda to look after, the only thing that got done was the mandatory washing that comes with having gastro go through the house. I really really really hope I’ve been able to avoid this round. And I’m really really really glad it didn’t happen next weekend, when we have people coming up for Darby’s Baptism!

It’s all in the timing.

Okay. It’s nearly 9pm. I’m going to log off, brush teeth, get ready for bed, and as you know, this might mean I get to bed by 9:30…

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