So that just happened

I’m on facebook.

Oh man that hurts just a little bit. I joined to promote my marriage celebrant services, and I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I am doing. I know that It’s been so long since I’ve spent longer than 10 minutes in front of a computer, and I’m so behind on all the social media stuff, and I just need to get over myself and jump right in. And maybe get my teenage nieces to show me how to use it…

I really need a new profile photo for my business. That means Hubs and I need an hour or two together, as he’s not the point-and-shoot kind of guy. The last photo he took of me for my business cards was great.

Renae Foottit fb

5 years, 6 moves and 3 kids later, let’s see what magic he can weave to get this mug looking a bit more respectable 🙂

20150625_135144-COLLAGE (1)

So if you’re new here, and want to know why I previously haven’t been facebooking, you can search the word “facebook” on my blog. I don’t need to go into here again. I’m hoping times have changed a little; I’m hoping I don’t encounter the privacy issues I had previously; and I’m hoping I can just have a business page and not a personal one 🙂

I’ve just spent most of the last two hours (and two coffees) stumbling around the site. I hope this isn’t a taste of things to come!


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